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The love to Mother Earth

          Chi and May, our founders, they have become eco-entrepreneurs with their dream starting as leather craftsmen. Shortly after, their passion to create simple yet aesthetic leather bags leading to a bigger dream to chase! While training at leather goods manufacturer, Chi and May discovered the beauty and the benefits of discarded leather scraps. They did extensive research

with strong commitment to turn leather wastage into eco friendly treasure.

Eco is Where our Heart is

          Some said the road to success is always under construction, and yes it’s applied to Chi and May. They put their all effort to set up a small factory. After spending over a year with many trials and errors, they found a full potential of leather scraps and saw opportunities to immerse eco-friendly products to green modern living.


        That’s how Thaïs; “ The Next Statement of Recycled Leather ” originated in 2018. Since then, Thaïs has been naturally selected for the great team with entrepreneurship mindset and eco-sense to bring our passion to be the part of Thaïs's story. Today, Thaïs has a place in the hearts of eco-like minded customers, who share the same value which is the love of our Mother Earth.

Reasons to love THAIS

     We promise

     1) Turn Trash into Treasure in a Meaningful Way

     2) Regenerate Resources to our Mother Earth

     With our Regenesis process: a unique green recycling process, we transform leather wastage into a high value, remarkably tasteful and sustainable new material, which is 100% recycled.

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