Starry Night Recycled Leather

          Recycling is complex because products often contain a mix of ingredients. So, it’s a mess. There is more than 3,600 leather sewing factories in Thailand, which produced at least 5,400 tons of cow leather scraps per year.

          THAIS brings that scraps back alive, sterilized them to make the product hygienically safe and in turn fully recyclable. Leather scraps from sewing factories contain various type of materials and colors. We separated and categorized all these materials gently and carefully by hands. Furthermore, there’s a variety of colors available! We are fascinated by the color of each piece of leather, like how Monet fell in love with light and shadow.

            Then, we transform all that useless scraps into our heart-made unique and one-of-a-kind eco-leather.

leather scraps
leather scraps

Explore our eco-recycled leather creation

1) Properties & Generation:

Our eco-inno process makes our products more unique when it comes to texture and properties.


We have developed our material for years to finalize the way to create new eco-material that can integrate to interior design and eco-lifestyle.

regenesis process

2) Signature & Collections:

We incorporate art and nature inspiration to recycled leather.

"Nature Symphony"

Our charming appearance by nature inspired.

Thais Classic Design
Thais trilogy and nature design

3) Design & Applications:

THAIS has plenty of possibilities to harmonize our material to modern living and lifestyle.